Red Wine Short Ribs

On the off chance we have a night off together, Tristen tends to go pretty hard in the kitchen.
Whether we’re in a restaurant, or at home, the act of dining is something we love to celebrate together.

The Robson Gourmet Butcher is our favorite butcher local shop, and this week they had some beautiful shortribs that we just couldn’t pass up.

The bleary weather this week had us craving a comforting braise. Also red wine. To soak up all of the liquid gold, we sat the tender short ribs on bed of braised greens, with a few roasted onions and mushrooms.

As a tribute to Mel’s recent trip home, we made Oka Pommes Dauphinoise. Few things are better than potatoes, cheese, and cream baked until gold brown and delicious.

We made a few veggies, too. You know – so we don’t feel too bad about our decisions? Just kidding, we wouldn’t feel bad anyways (we definitely coated them in butter).


Tasting Sauce


Red Wine ShortRibs, Pommes Dauphinoise, Roasted Veg

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