Buckwheat Crêpe Cake with Chèvre and Cherries

We were craving crêpes, but ended up with way too many (as we always do). This light and airy crêpe cake filled with lightly sweetened goat cheese and preserved cherries was the perfect solution. It’s so good you’ll be making crêpes just to be sure you have leftovers for this recipe.

Weighing dry ingredients for Buckwheat Flour Crepe Cake Recipe
Weighing out the dry Ingredients
Cooling Crepes and Butter
Crepe Production, 2 down, too many to go.
Top View of Crepe Cake with Cherries, Nuts, and Goat Cheese
Nothing beats that first slice of cake


Tablesetting of Sliced Crepe Cake with Cherries, Nuts, and Goat Cheese
Showing off our layers

300g buckwheat flour
200g ap flour
14g kosher salt
2 large eggs
600ml milk
650ml water

In a stand mixer, whisk flour and salt together to combine.

Add milk, water, and eggs, slowly whisk until incorporated, and then slowly turn up the speed to whip and incorporate air into the batter.

Let rest until use (its fine to make this batter a day ahead. Some say it is actually preferred.)

Once your batter has set, prepare your crepes by melting a small amount of butter into a non stick pan(preferably a crêpe pan) over medium/high heat, and swirling just enough batter to coat the bottom.

Once bubbles have formed and it becomes fragrant, flip and allow the top side to cook and get slightly crispy. Allow to cool on a rack. Repeat the process a million times(or until you run out of crêpe batter).

1/2 Cup Butter – Soft
1 Cup Goat Cheese – Softened
1/4 Cup Condensed Milk
1/2 tsp Vanilla
1/2 tsp Cinnamon

In a stand mixer or food processor, whip the goat cheese and butter together with Vanilla  and Cinnamon.

Once light and airy, add the condensed milk until just combined. Set aside until ready to use, or chill for storage.

We chopped some of our poached cherries and folded them into a third of the buttercream to create different layers throughout the cake.

Once your crepes have cooled and dried slightly, start layering your goat cheese filling between them to form your cake.

Start with a small amount of filling and spread from the centre of each crepe, outward before adding it to the stack. A thin layer is all you need, otherwise the cake will become soggy.

Once you have used up all of the filling, top the cake off with a dusting of icing sugar, followed by some whip cream, if desired. Any preserved fruit works nicely with this cake, we chose to use cherries poached in syrup. Fresh berries, or ground nuts also work nicely.

If you get hungry for something a little more savoury in the middle of all of this cake making, you can use this same crêpe batter to make “Galette Bretonne”. These delicious, ham and gruyère stuffed parcels, topped with a fried egg make a perfect mid-day lunch.

Simply start your crepe as you normally would, but instead of flipping it, fill the inside with shaved ham and gruyère, followed by an egg. Fold up the sides of your crepe and allow the batter to fuse itself together.

Let the bottom get nice and crispy, slide it onto a plate, and resist the temptation to instantly make and eat another.


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