123 Pickles!

Quick pickles, 123 pickles, Swedish Pickles – whatever you want to call them. This is the basic ratio we start with when we need some added acidity.

Top View of 1-2-3 Pickles - Radishes

The best thing about this pickling liquid is its versatility. We’ve pickled everything from carrots and cucumbers, to more unexpected ingredients like blueberries, grapes or mustard seeds.

Top view of Top View of 1-2-3 Pickles - Chilli Garlic Cukes

The key to using this ratio is to adjust it based on whatever it is that you will be pickling. Some ingredients taste better with a little extra vinegar, or a little more sugar. Sometimes you may be trying to only lightly pickle something, and prefer to dilute with extra water. Sometimes the pickling liquid is best poured over a raw ingredient while still boiling hot, other times its best blanch the ingredient to be pickled. Or other times you may want to cool the liquid down completely to marinate, rather than fully pickle.
It is best to just play around and have fun with it. Think about the result you are looking for, and adjust your method accordingly.

Top View of 1-2-3 Pickles - Red Onions

1 part vinegar
2 part sugar
3 part water
Seasonings as needed (Salt, spices, herbs and aromatics)

Bring everything up to a boil, use as needed. Any leftover liquid can be cooled, and used saved in the refrigerator indefinitely.

Top View of 1-2-3 Pickles - Spicy Garlic Carrots

For starchy vegetables like beets, be sure to cook it before pickling. Or shave it thin to allow the hot pickling liquid to cook.
For more delicate ingredients such as grapes, or apples, you may want to cool the liquid.
Other ingredients such as mustard seeds, or garlic you may even need to blanch multiple times in water, and then again in the pickling liquid to make it more palatable.

Theres very few things that don’t taste delicious when they are pickled, so explore your options, and don’t be afraid to be adventurous!.

Front View of 1-2-3 Pickles

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